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Pistol & Shotgun game + Skirmish Deal | Wolf Armouries

Posted by on Monday, 18 April, 2011

Wolf Armouries Skirmish Deal

Wolf Armouries have scheduled the first Pistol & Shotgun game of the year at London skirmish site Bunker 51. Limited to only gas and spring guns, games will demand a greater emphasis on tactics and accuracy rather than ammo count.

To help you get kitted out, we have a great skirmish deal which includes:

1 x Tokyo Marui Beretta M92F GBB Pistol
2 x Tokyo Marui Beretta M92F Magazines
1 x Viper Tactical Thigh Holster
2 x Abbey 134a Gun Gas
1 x Abbey Ultra Air Gun Gas

This will normally set you back £245, but for a limited time you can grab this great set for just £199.99 saving you £45!

Note: Deal only available whilst stock lasts. Ends 14.05.11. Non UKARA registered players will require the pistol to be painted at an additional £14.99. Please click here for further information. Holster is interchangeable for personal preference with difference, if any, to original cost of Viper tactical to be paid.

Wolf Armouries

Wolf Armouries
203 Royal College Street
Camden Town
Tel: (+44)8707549653
Fax: (+44)8454588311

Milsim game – Saturday 5th March | Urban Assault

Posted by on Monday, 28 February, 2011

Urban Assault


** NEWS **
NEW Booking in procedure – all players must email names to play – at site name will be checked off on list to confirm booking – Please let us have your empty bb bags.

** NEWS **

For Milsim Events only Urban FPS limit for AEGs 345fps,Sniper fps limit – 400fps ground floor and 500fps from 1st floor)
Standard mags and Midcaps for AEGs, no ammo limits, 2 long games 1 morning and 1 in the afternoon.

Urban Assault Urban Assault

+++ IMPORTANT +++ YOU MUST WEAR suitable footware – NO TRAINERS to be used to play in.

Firesupport NOW on Facebook join us on facebook

>>>> YOU Need to renew your FFZ membership every year, please make sure you complete a FFZ Renewal form, available from the game site



— Only STANDARD and MIDCAP magazines allowed
— Support gunners only allowed to carry limited ammo supplies
— FOR MILSIM events ONLY – FPS limits 345 AEGs and 500 for snipers
— Game fee £25


New number 07925 959398 games days only

Info – See for VCR and membership info
Info – FFZ(UA) membership now available – £5 for membership card, please supply a passport sized photo – with your name on the back of it.
Info – Please read about VCR Bill

Please sign in by by 9am.
For Milsim Events only Urban FPS limit for AEGs 345fps,Sniper fps limit – 400fps ground floor and 500fps from 1st floor)


Highland Tactical Airsoft is opening on the 26th February 2011

Posted by on Tuesday, 18 January, 2011

Highland Tactical Airsoft

Highland Tactical Airsoft

We will be taking bookings at the start of Feb for the opening day!

Just north of Inverness the site is located at the old RAF Tain WW2 Airfield for some large scale outdoor combat in an urban environment all right next to the largest active bombing range in Europe. Standard skirmishes, Objective based games and some Milsim will be happening on a regular basis with some Night games in the winter and some 2 day events in the summer.

Entry starts at £15 and £10 for registered members with UKARA membership & site exclusive patch.
— Gun rental will be available on site for £15 (Book in advance for Gun hire)
— Ammunition & Pyro’s will be sold on site.
— All players must use Biodegradable ammunition.

We will also be retailing Airsoft Weapons & equipment (A catalogue will be available on our site soon). Check out for contact details and bookings. Ages from 11-16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult with permission from parent/legal guardian of which will be followed up by a call!

*please note that google earth & maps shows the Tain, Ross-shire in the wrong location and that its a fault that has been registered.*”

£2000 prize giveaway |

Posted by on Saturday, 1 January, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from Firesupport

Thanks to all thos that voted us AI reader retailer of the year and customer services of the Year

To continue to Christmas spirit we bring you …..

£2000 Prize Giveaway

Firesupport January 2011 £2000 prize giveaway

2 chances to win a great prize

32 Prizes (total retail value over £2000)

1 prize a day drawn from INTERNET orders of £100 or more on that day and a main prize drawn from all daily qualifying entrants.

(non UK mainland winners will be asked to pay postage if they want to have thier prize, guns can only won by UKARA registered players)

List of Prizes

— Main prize Inokatsu MK60
— CAW M79
— 2 x Silverback laser grips
— Marui Glock 17
— Firesupport £50 voucher
— £100 upgrade on new gun bought from us
— Marui G36K recoil
— Marui Chrome P226
— 6 cans of gas
— 2 x 12 bags of bbs
— Guarder GT V05C WC vest
— AI propane adapter
— G&P 551 holo sight
— GAO Scope
— 2 x Magpul 30 rnd PMAG box of 10
— 3 x Hicap magazine
— Walther 3-9×40 scope
— Peltor glasses
— 2 x raider mesh masks
— Magpul DVD
— 2 Silverback IPhone covers
— Marui Chrome Python
— 2 x King Arms gun bags



The Scottish Airsoft Sites, Players & Retailers Association

Posted by on Saturday, 11 July, 2009

A new association is being formed to look after Scotlands needs specifically.

The reason for this new formation is as follows:

Published on the 15th June 2009 and commissioned by the major opposition parties, the Calman report makes a number of far reaching recommendations regarding Scottish Devolution. Tucked away in there is the transfer of power over airgun legislation from Westminster to Holyrood. Given the previous pronouncements of the SNP, we have every reason to assume that if granted this power, they will come after airsoft guns as well as airguns. SASPRA is being established to fight this and any future threats to the future of Airsoft in Scotland.

While it will take some time for these recommendations to be acted upon, the fact that both Labour & Conservative parties commissioned and endorse the report should give all of us cause for concern.

This is a non profit scheme that will be influenced by retailers, sites and you the player. The more voices united the better a voice we will have.

* Taken from Scott’s post on the LWA site