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Laylax items in stock & Torrance Private Game | Airsoft Extreme

Posted by on Monday, 18 April, 2011

Airsoft Extreme

Laylax products in stock

Laylax items are back in stock

Check out what we have back in stock from Laylax. We have everything from TM SOPMOD, PSS2, Hi Capa, 1911 and Prometheus parts in stock.

Torrance Private Game

AEX Torrance Private Game – 4/24/11

When: April 24, 2011 @ 9:00am

Where: Hollywood Sports Park

AEX events are private games hosted and supervised by AEX staff. The events are played at various local airsoft fields. Our games are open to ALL airsoft players. The purpose of the game is to have FUN for players and teams of all ages and experience level.

Pistol & Shotgun game + Skirmish Deal | Wolf Armouries

Posted by on Monday, 18 April, 2011

Wolf Armouries Skirmish Deal

Wolf Armouries have scheduled the first Pistol & Shotgun game of the year at London skirmish site Bunker 51. Limited to only gas and spring guns, games will demand a greater emphasis on tactics and accuracy rather than ammo count.

To help you get kitted out, we have a great skirmish deal which includes:

1 x Tokyo Marui Beretta M92F GBB Pistol
2 x Tokyo Marui Beretta M92F Magazines
1 x Viper Tactical Thigh Holster
2 x Abbey 134a Gun Gas
1 x Abbey Ultra Air Gun Gas

This will normally set you back £245, but for a limited time you can grab this great set for just £199.99 saving you £45!

Note: Deal only available whilst stock lasts. Ends 14.05.11. Non UKARA registered players will require the pistol to be painted at an additional £14.99. Please click here for further information. Holster is interchangeable for personal preference with difference, if any, to original cost of Viper tactical to be paid.

Wolf Armouries

Wolf Armouries
203 Royal College Street
Camden Town
Tel: (+44)8707549653
Fax: (+44)8454588311

Leon M92FS, M1 Carbine and some small pistols |

Posted by on Thursday, 31 March, 2011

For the wantabe professionals out there.

Léon (Jean Reno)

Signature pistols of Léon (Jean Reno) are Beretta 92FS’s fitted with compensators and in some scenes sound mock mock suppressors. As well as we briefly see Mathilda (Natalie Portman) assembling Léon’sBeretta 92FS pistols although we never see her take a shot.

Mathilda (Natalie Portman) assembling Léon'sBeretta 92FS

Now as an Airsoft Replica this Western Arms Shibuya Beretta M92FS “MAGNA” Gas Blow Back Pistol with Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode and Fixed Hop-Up Come With 45mm Compensator and 110mm mock mock silencer and Engrave Beautiful Marking On Both Slide, also P.BERETTA logo marking can be found on Grip.

Western Arms Shibuya Beretta M92FS Western Arms Shibuya Beretta M92FS

Heavy Weight ABS slide & lower frame with Metal Barrel and Tightbore 6.03mm Barrel for precision shooting, this model will be a show piece or asset to any kit.

Marushin US M1 Carbine 6 or 8mm MAXI GBB Rifle

M1 carbine became a standard firearm for the U.S. military during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War, and was produced in several variants.

Marushin US M1 Carbine 6 or 8mm MAXI GBB Rifle Marushin US M1 Carbine 6 or 8mm MAXI GBB Rifle

This High Quality Real Wood airsoft replica has a 6mm MAXI Bolt Action Gas Blow Back System and a Semi Automatic Firing Mode SUPREME craftsmanship & TOP NOTCH finishing just like the real steel. The is a lightweight, easy to use semi-automatic carbine, LD-2 Adjustable Hop-Up System, Full metal Front Sight & Rear Sight with Windage & Range adjustment. Full metal magazine accommodate 31 Rounds of 6mm (16 Rounds for 8mm version) with Movable Bolt Action to load the first round, making the Marushin US M1 Carbine 6 or 8mm MAXI GBB Rifle, truly a the mil-simers wet dream.

And finally we have a return of the Gindan pistols

Gindan pistols Gindan pistols

You want high power, Maximum Power and Range and Wicked accuracy, we then you don’t want one of these. But if you want some crazy close range fun, these novelty pistols can be hilarious fun. The Gindan pistol are a recent development from Toyko Marui that needs NO Gas, NO batteries require, and even NO cocking needed.

With a maximum range of 10m with a nice arc if your lucky and FPS so low, it tickles, these little plinkers are great fun weather, your nailing cans at 5 meters or teaching your 5 year old the basics of gun safety and airsoft tactics. This is a great place to start.
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Classic Army 1911A1 & King Arms M79 |

Posted by on Friday, 11 March, 2011


Here are the latest updates in

Classic Army 1911A1

Remembering its first century of life, hare is a review of the Classic Army 1911A1 GBB replica, full metal and Tokyo Marui style.

King Arms M79

Also for the reenactors and history enthusiasts, a walkaround will introduce the King Arms M79 Grenade Launcher, a Vietnam era replica.


Marino, aka Mazariol

Airsoft Community

Lots of Marui kit, Maruzen pistols & Bunker 51 | Wolf Armouries

Posted by on Wednesday, 9 March, 2011

Wolf Armouries

New Marui SCAR L MK16 Blowback

New Marui SCAR L MK16 Blowback

The long awaited Marui SCAR MK16 is here! Featuring electric blowback action, realistic metal/ polymer build and fantastic range thanks to a refined and enhanced hop unit. Stops firing when empty and features a working bolt catch. Very limited availability!

New Marui TM PX4 Pistol

New Marui TM PX4 Pistol

New in, the PX4 is a unique blowback pistol with legendary Marui reliability and performance. A truly unique and modern design, the PX4 features interchangeable back straps for shooter comfort and rotating barrel for realism.

SOPMOD Blowback Series

SOPMOD Blowback Series

After weeks of demand, we finally have the Marui blowback rifle series back in stock! With a rapidly growing following, the CQBR, SOPMOD and M4A1 airsoft rifles offer the ultimate realism, reliability and performance.

Marui Pistols & Rifles back in

Marui Pistols & Rifles back in

We also have a fresh supply of other Marui products ranging from the classic M1911A1, the hugely popular MK23 Fixed slide, to the accurate VSR10 series and ultra fast firing high cycle AK along with spare mags of many types.

Maruzen PPK Pistol back in

Maruzen PPK Pistol back in

The PPK is well known for its numerous film appearances and compact classic design. The Maruzen PPK has a respectable 23 round capacity making it popular for collectors and even as a last ditch back skirmish pistol.

Bunker 51 London Skirmish

Bunker 51 London Skirmish

There are still limited spaces remaining for the Saturday 19th with another confirmed for Saturday 2nd April, so book now to avoid disappointment for an evening of high tempo CQB action in our purpose built skirmishing facility.

We hope that you enjoy these promotions for over 6000 airsoft products at great prices please visit our website.


Wolf Armouries

Wolf Team
phone: +44 (0) 870 754 9653

More Cyma, Marui PX4 kit and the G&P SR-25 |

Posted by on Thursday, 3 March, 2011

Cyma AEG Restock

CYMA AEG Re-stocked

Just starting airsoft and or on a budget. Freshly restocked and of a reasonable quality you could take home to meet your mother. A dozen models of AK, half a dozen MP5’s and a few M14 in different colors and lengths. Something surely to impress everyone.

STORM CNC Metal Slide & Outer Barrel for Marui PX4 GBB (Black)

STORM CNC Metal Slide & Outer Barrel for Marui PX4 GBB (Black)
Price: US $198.00

The latest release TM gun being the PX4 GBB has its first upgrade part for consideration. PX4 Airsoft Pistol Slide & Barrel Upgrade with CNC Milling Aluminum made plus laser engraving marking. Suitable for Tokyo Marui PX-4 .45 and includes heavy Steel constructed outer barrel remains Rotating Barrel Lockup System
Direct replacement of original slide & barrel without modification. Will bring a smile and a shine to this modern piece, in the evolution of the pistol.


G&P SR-25 Airsoft AEG
Price: US $585.00

Reach out and touch someone with the New G&P SR-25 Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle, with a SR25 CNC Receiver & Front Set Kit and a 20inch One-Piece Outer Barrel with QD Silencer. This G&P Custom Gearbox with 8mm Bearing with High Power Upgrade to 390FPS will impress with style and elegance.

Marui Glock 18C, MAGPUL Custom & MK23 Magazine |

Posted by on Thursday, 24 February, 2011

EAC (Marui) G18C FSB Custom (STEEL)

EAC (Marui) G18C FSB Custom (STEEL)
Price: US $345.00

New from EA Custom Work present a gas blow back metal custom based on a Tokyo Marui G18C GBB Pistol, Installed with a Guarder CNC Steel Custom Slide & 200% Recoil Spring & Stainless Steel High Output Valve. This little beauty is smoking hot and if you’re keen you’ll need to get them while they are hot. FSB Version is Engraved “Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation” With Logo Marking Can Be Found on Slide and a special SQ-Coating Surface Steel Slide to make a long lasting masterpiece.

MAGPUL (G&P) MRP Combat UBR Custom

MAGPUL (G&P) MRP Combat UBR Custom
Price: US $505.00

The latest G&P Battle Rifle. G&P MRP Combat Short Custom AEG Rifle. G&P and Magpul combine to make this stunning example of a modern battle weapon. Including a G&P core with MAGPUL PTS UBR Stock, 120rd PMAG, AFG Angled Fore-Grip, MOE Trigger Guard, AAC Blackout 51T Flash Hider, MBUS Front & Rear Sight and the quality internal of G&P 8mm bushing gearbox and you now have a long lasting beautiful, comfy assault rifle that would be an asset to any ranged airsoft assault unit. G&P, And touch of Magpul shine through again, making this a comfy yet sturdy assault rifle.

G&P Magazine Case for MK23 Stoner AEG

G&P Magazine Case for MK23 Stoner AEG

G&P Electric Drum Magazine For the G&P U.S. Navy MK23 MG Airsoft Light Machine Electric Gun. With a High Density Nylon Construction and Store up to 1200rds Capacity in Box Magazine you shouldn’t never run out of ammo.

MAGPUL Replica and the Tokyo Marui PX4 |

Posted by on Friday, 18 February, 2011


Hangloose signed a comparative review on two fashioned accessories: Magpul PTS PTS M4/M16 MOE Original handguard Vs ELEMENT Replica

Magpul PTS MOE Replica

After having made several preview images, here is an in depth review about the last jewel of Tokyo Marui: the PX4 Custom

Tokyo Marui PX4

the texts are in Italian and English

Good reading!

Marino, aka Mazariol

Airsoft Community

G&P, Tokyo Marui, ICS & Milspec Monkey |

Posted by on Monday, 14 February, 2011


Back in stock G&P AEGs see

Tokyo Marui

Back in stock Marui Pistols see

Back in stock Marui AEGs see


Back in stock ICS AEGS with extra free mags see

Milspec Monkey

Milspec Monkey, moral patchs, T-Shirts, caps and wrist bands


M9A1 Bazooka and more |

Posted by on Thursday, 10 February, 2011

Zeta-Lab Full Steel US Army M9A1 Bazooka

Zeta-Lab Full Steel US Army M9A1 Bazooka (Airsoft Grenade Launcher)
Price: US $399.00

WOAAAHH!! The first word came out while we unpack the box of this heavy babe! M9A1 Bazooka rocket launcher was adopted by US Army during WWII, as seen in the movie “Saving Private Ryan” & computer game “The Call of Duty”, this airsoft replica launch grenade 6mm BB shower. Full Steel constructed, With total length of 155cm & weight over 7.8kg, this legendary weapon can also be separated into 2-piece for transport. Dress your WWII shirt, bring it to your next airsoft game and shock everyone like the first time we open the box!

EAC (Marui) G17 Desert Storm A-TACS

EAC (Marui) G17 Desert Storm A-TACS
Price: US $295.00

A-TACs Color Glock with Desert Storm 7075 Aluminum Slide. With all time the best Marui Hi-Kick System. This little beauty spread our eHobby Water Transfer Project to all pistol lover!

Western Arms Pistol

Western Arms Pistol

No doubt Western Arms is top notch among all custom airsoft pistol. See their new Lineup list: Nighthawk T3 Comp, SV Infinity TIKI Hybrid DXR, Bob Chow V1.5 Vintage, Punisher 1911, Beretta M92FS (LEON)… Unique Carbon Black & Vintage-like finishing, supreme craftsmanship & realistic detailed reproduction. We will never feel the art of airsoft without WA.