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Pistol & Shotgun game + Skirmish Deal | Wolf Armouries

Posted by on Monday, 18 April, 2011

Wolf Armouries Skirmish Deal

Wolf Armouries have scheduled the first Pistol & Shotgun game of the year at London skirmish site Bunker 51. Limited to only gas and spring guns, games will demand a greater emphasis on tactics and accuracy rather than ammo count.

To help you get kitted out, we have a great skirmish deal which includes:

1 x Tokyo Marui Beretta M92F GBB Pistol
2 x Tokyo Marui Beretta M92F Magazines
1 x Viper Tactical Thigh Holster
2 x Abbey 134a Gun Gas
1 x Abbey Ultra Air Gun Gas

This will normally set you back £245, but for a limited time you can grab this great set for just £199.99 saving you £45!

Note: Deal only available whilst stock lasts. Ends 14.05.11. Non UKARA registered players will require the pistol to be painted at an additional £14.99. Please click here for further information. Holster is interchangeable for personal preference with difference, if any, to original cost of Viper tactical to be paid.

Wolf Armouries

Wolf Armouries
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Camden Town
Tel: (+44)8707549653
Fax: (+44)8454588311

Sniper rifles, MP5’s & Spring Sales | Airsoft Megastore

Posted by on Tuesday, 12 April, 2011

Airsoft Megastore
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Mauser Sniper Rifle
Cyma Full Metal M5 Navy RAS
M40, M500 & APS SR-2
The Spring Sales Event

Helping the Victims of Japan | Airsoft Extreme

Posted by on Friday, 18 March, 2011

Airsoft Extreme

Helping the Victims of Japan Donate $2 for every bag of BIO BB's

Helping the Victims of Japan

We all know of the tragedy that struck Japan last week. So starting this St. Patrick’s day, Airsoft Extreme will donate $2 for every bag of BIO BB’s sold to the Red Cross to support Japanese Tsunami victims from now until March 31st.

Not only will you be helping victims of the Tsunami, you will be helping keep the Earth clean with BIO BB’s. No specific brands, as long as they are BIO BB’s.

Thank you for your support and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims in Japan.

Biodegradable BBs are Super Green | MadBull Airsoft

Posted by on Tuesday, 15 March, 2011

PLA BIO-BB MadBull Airsoft

We’re feeling pretty green here at Madbull, and not just because St. Patty’s Day is around the corner. The PIDC just released the results of their Biodegradation Analysis of our PLA Bio-BBs, and they are certifiably Earth-friendly! Without compromising quality, our PLA Bio-BBs are made of corn, chalked up a 95.6% average disintegration rate after 48 days, and had no observable virulence effect on plant growth: 100% of the seedlings planted over the degrading BB material showed normal growth.

The PIDC’s full report can be read on our website:

Madbull Airsoft
MadBull Airsoft

Cyma AK’s, Taurus pistols & Golden Balls | Airsoft Megastore

Posted by on Saturday, 5 March, 2011

Airsoft Megastore
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Cyma Full Metal AK47
Taurus PT92 GBB Pistol
Golden Ball Pro BB's
Airsoft Megastore Youtube

Revision Military Desert Locust & Wolfspider goggles | Dr. Airsoft

Posted by on Wednesday, 2 March, 2011

Dr. Airsoft of Airsoft Medicine reviews the Revision Military Desert Locust and Wolfspider tactical goggles for use in airsoft. The lenses can withstand a direct hit, but there is a vulnerable seal around the sides of the nose if these goggles are combined with some wire mesh face masks. There is no bb penetration when the goggles are used in combination with the Hakkotsu Iron Face plastic lower face mask.


Mark Vaughan, M.D.

Marui Glock 18C, MAGPUL Custom & MK23 Magazine |

Posted by on Thursday, 24 February, 2011

EAC (Marui) G18C FSB Custom (STEEL)

EAC (Marui) G18C FSB Custom (STEEL)
Price: US $345.00

New from EA Custom Work present a gas blow back metal custom based on a Tokyo Marui G18C GBB Pistol, Installed with a Guarder CNC Steel Custom Slide & 200% Recoil Spring & Stainless Steel High Output Valve. This little beauty is smoking hot and if you’re keen you’ll need to get them while they are hot. FSB Version is Engraved “Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation” With Logo Marking Can Be Found on Slide and a special SQ-Coating Surface Steel Slide to make a long lasting masterpiece.

MAGPUL (G&P) MRP Combat UBR Custom

MAGPUL (G&P) MRP Combat UBR Custom
Price: US $505.00

The latest G&P Battle Rifle. G&P MRP Combat Short Custom AEG Rifle. G&P and Magpul combine to make this stunning example of a modern battle weapon. Including a G&P core with MAGPUL PTS UBR Stock, 120rd PMAG, AFG Angled Fore-Grip, MOE Trigger Guard, AAC Blackout 51T Flash Hider, MBUS Front & Rear Sight and the quality internal of G&P 8mm bushing gearbox and you now have a long lasting beautiful, comfy assault rifle that would be an asset to any ranged airsoft assault unit. G&P, And touch of Magpul shine through again, making this a comfy yet sturdy assault rifle.

G&P Magazine Case for MK23 Stoner AEG

G&P Magazine Case for MK23 Stoner AEG

G&P Electric Drum Magazine For the G&P U.S. Navy MK23 MG Airsoft Light Machine Electric Gun. With a High Density Nylon Construction and Store up to 1200rds Capacity in Box Magazine you shouldn’t never run out of ammo.

JG, BB’s and some Diamond Tactical vests | Airsoft Megastore

Posted by on Thursday, 17 February, 2011

Airsoft Megastore
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JG Urban Assault AEG
Goldenball BB's
Diamond Tactical Plate Carriers

G&G Tracer Unit and the Marui RECCE |

Posted by on Wednesday, 2 February, 2011

Our greetings to all.

Here are the latest updates from

RedBull it has reviewed the G&G rechargeable Tracer Unit

G&G Tracer Unit

Also we could share some detailed images of the new Tokyo Marui Recce Rifle

Marui RECCE Rifle

As usual, the texts are both in Italian and English language

Have our best wishes

Marino, aka Mazariol

Airsoft Community

Mosin Nagant, PMAG’s in 5 Flavours, and more |

Posted by on Wednesday, 26 January, 2011

Originally invented in 1891, and with Mosin Nagant variants still in use today, this has to be one of the longest service rifle ever! And Now Zeta Labs have lovely recreated the 1944 variant to near perfection for the airsoft world. Extremely Rare Model in airsoft market, with side-folding bayonet, beautiful made Real Wood Stock and sturdy feel heat treatment steel cocking handle touch like a real steel. Adjustable Steel Rear Sight, and Side-folding Synthetic Resin Bayonet makes this model perfect for rein-actors or skirmishers alike.

Zeta-Lab Product Soviet Union Weapon Replica Zeta-Lab Product Soviet Union Weapon Replica

Full Scale Airsoft Replica of Classic USSR Rifle – Mosin Nagant by Zeta-Lab Product

— Replica of Mosin–Nagant (Винтовка Мосина) Classic Model 1944 Carbine
— Bolt Action design, Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle
— One-piece Real Wood Stock with full steel handling
— Heat treatment Steel cocking handle
— Include side folding Synthetic Resin Bayonet
— come with Leather & Linen Sling
— Model 1944 Carbine Type with side-folding bayonet
— Extremely Rare Model in airsoft market
— Beautiful made Real Wood Stock
— Full Steel Bolt System & Solid cocking motion sound
— Sturdy feel Heat Treatment Steel cocking handle touch like a real steel
— Side-folding Synthetic Resin Bayonet
— Adjustable Steel Rear Sight
— Open door under the trigger assembly, you can store up to 10rounds 6mm BB
— Reach 380FPS muzzle power
— Include Leather & Linen Sling with adjustable buckle

Airsoft Military version of Famous MAGPUL PMAG™ (Polymer Magazine)

M Version features a New Body Ribbing Design with Pop-off Impact Cover for storage and the Impact Cover Can Be Snapped Onto The Floor plate for added protection. Now as part of the water transfer project these pmags are not only look beautiful, but there finish is very long lasting and durable to match any kit and colour terrain. The real flavours being Atac’s MC, Marpat, DDC, and ACU.


Also hot, new released and returning this week… the Roni kit in Tan, the ICS CXP .08 Concept Rifle and the fabulous Afghanistan pancake Hat.

RONI Kit (Tan) ICS CXP .08 Concept Rifle Afghanistan Pancake Hat
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